Comm. Sq. support for our bldg. 222 was outstanding -

SSgt Collins and KST (SCOIT) not only making sure our network drops were run ahead of schedule but also making sure updates for our DTS VoIP numbers were accomplished as well. The VoIP changes for DTS was a last minute request to prevent x3778 from ringing in bldg. 29. This helped us get FMF and DTS back up and running without issues.

SrA Donnelly (SCOI) helping us get our network drops in bldg. 222 activated on-time despite running into an issue with the last remaining 11 ports. Not only did he resolve our issue but he also helped out FSS as well. Also, SrA Donnelly and SrA Price (SCOI) helping us resolve multiple port security lock outs as we were moving people, network connectivity issue, and making sure our printers were on the correct VLAN. They had us up and running in only a couple of hours.

FMF re-opened on Monday fully operational. They really took care of us and their response time to all our issues was amazing.


Adam G. Sapp


Adam G. Sapp

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