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Education Support Services Contract, Holloman AFB

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Ka’ala Systems Technology “KST” Corp. Awarded Air Force Education Center IT Support Services Oct 2018 – Sep 2023 at Holloman AFB, NM

KST to provide maintenance on the BTES Holloman Web page, update link, build pages, link appropriate documents and data bases, manage layout and meet any other requirements specified by the BTES Advisor or Team Leader to ensure quality of Web Page and that it integrates with the higher headquarters BTES web site. Contractor provides on-site maintenance/technical support to service all Holloman AFB BTES Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) equipment and software systems. Reports and advises the ESO as needed on technical issues. KST will implement any new system (hardware/software) per direction of the BTES Advisor or Team Leader or the AF directed updates. Set up new computers and other information systems in a timely manner to support improvement of the BTES facility.

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