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KST awarded COMPAC Fleet Admin Contract

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Ka’ala Systems Technology Corp. Awarded Navy Support Fleet Logistics Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii the Executive Administrative Assistant Support Services for Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Pearl Harbor, Hawaii contract on 30 Sep 2019.

Ka’ala Systems Technology (KST) Corp. was awarded Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor Hawaii contract for executive administrative support services to COMMANDER, U.S. PACIFIC FLEET (COMPACFLT), N46. Administrative supports services for the support of operations and interoperability of the headquarters directorates, encompassing a full range of moderate to complex administrative assistance in support of the Director, Deputy Director and four (4) divisions with a total of 27 personnel in all administrative functions.

Process outgoing materials and correspondence; type correspondence and reports. Working from rough drafts, type correspondence and reports in final form, proofread, and deliver the finalized draft to originator. KST composes correspondence independently and in accordance with Navy Correspondence Manual. Review outgoing materials and correspondence for internal consistency and conformance with regulations and ensure proper clearances have been obtained. KST immediately inform the originator of any internal inconsistencies, non-conformances, or if the proper clearances have not been obtained. KST prepares and maintains hard copy and electronic files by fiscal year and file all final correspondence, reports, forms, and memos. Prepare electronic copies and post to the Shared-drive and e-mail management and ensure all serialized documents are posted to the Total Record Inventory Management TRIM for use by the front office. Post final environmental documents on the CNO (N45) Web-Library. Also maintain the Read folder and Archive folder each month. Maintain and update the COMPACFLT point of contact (POC) directory and the Navy Environmental POC listing. Maintain confidential and administrative files. Assist with processing travel needs for COMPACFLT (N46) personnel when required. Provide alternate to the Environmental Awards Program Coordinator services which includes submitting notification of Award requirements, coordinating and submitting nomination award packages, and coordinating and initiating Award letters to awardees.

Serves as assistant Directorate Security Coordinator (DSC) for directorate. Ensure that CPF security regulations and policies are adhered to. Assist with changes to the Access Control System (ACS) list for accessing building is maintained.

Reserve meeting rooms, send out the meeting agenda with pertinent information, and provide assistance in arrangement for the speakers. Develop and generate meeting registration forms, collect and process the meeting registration forms, and provide meeting attendees with the required logistics support. Make briefing packets for meeting material briefing to include agenda, attendee list and all pertinent handouts and documentation. Assist speakers with setting up PowerPoint presentation. Make additional copies of material for attendees. Coordinate working lunch sessions. Prepare and finalize all presentation material on compact disk and disseminate to applicable point of contact. Coordinate the required logistics support by the date and time requested by the originator and reported to the originator upon completion. Notify the originator of any issues that arises immediately. It is estimated approximately two (2) hours shall be utilized to complete all of the above tasking.

Attend meetings and record meeting minutes Provide the final, complete and accurate previous meeting minutes to the meeting attendees. Submit all VTC requests to N6 directorate. Contact N6 directorate if audio equipment is inoperable.

Assist Organization Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA) for the Directorate. Coordinate all duty travel arrangements and assist with Travel Orders to all personnel within the Directorate. Assist with reviewing travel orders for authorizations as well as travel vouchers made against orders. Provide support with ensuring all travel vouchers are complete and submitted for processing within 5-days upon members return from travel. Maintain Excel spreadsheet for projected Travel with up-to-date information as to travel completed and future travel. Provide travelers a travel folder with all information required for travel. Assist with ensuring vouchers are submitted within 5 days of travel return date. Assist with monitoring charges on the Government Travel Card for each traveler are paid and cleared.

Assist the APC for the N46 Directorate with the day-to-day operations of the DoD travel card program. Maintain an up-to-date list of all current cardholders and accounts to include information such as account names, numbers, addresses and telephone numbers and safeguard the personally identifiably information included in the list. Assist the APC with monitoring account activity and managing delinquencies. Provide the APC with up-to-date issues. Assist with creating new accounts and completing card applications with travelers. Assist with completing and acquiring approval from Component Program Managers (CPMs) on Centrally Billed Account application. Assist with answering cardholder questions on proper use of the travel card. Review reports on Credit Card Report System (CCRS) to monitor accounts for delinquencies, misuse, fraud, and accuracy of cardholder demographics. Assist with ensuring and authorizing any account upgrades in limits on card, any deactivation or activations of cards, ensure all Individual Billed Accounts (IBA) (delinquencies and un-submitted) reports are reconciled.

Maintain budget spreadsheets for accountability of all supplies and travel conducted. Validate Standard Accounting and Report system – Field Level (STAR-FL) reports ensuring all travel and procurement documents have been processed. Provide a summary of travel expenses to the N46 directorate. Verify travel vouchers have cleared DTS. Maintain, consolidate, and submit a request to procure required supply purchases for GSA or other vendor sources. Collect data and consolidate new Fiscal Year funding requirements for the Directorate’s annual budget for approval. Per Comptroller deadline that is provided in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year the contractor shall input all budget requests into the Financial Management System website for COMPACFLT (FMSwCPF).

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