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KST Awarded Contract for NECC/NECCPAC at Pearl Harbor

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Ka’ala Systems Technology Corp. Awarded Navy Support Fleet Logistics Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii the service contract for the N5 strategic planning and policy guidance on expeditionary warfare to assigned commands to NECC/NECCPAC at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii August 2018 – July 2019

The Contractor shall provide reviews of Higher Headquarters, Joint, and Navy strategic documents as well as provide strategic planning, and policy guidance on expeditionary warfare to assigned commands to NECC/NECCPAC. Responsible to review current and new higher headquarters planning guidance from, Department of the Navy (DON), Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV), Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Provide monthly one written summary review of applicable strategies (interpretation of regulations) relating to NECC forces.

Provide technical recommendations of Strategic Goals and Objectives in support of the Exercise Campaign Plan (ECP). review readiness and provide assessments on the forces ability to support assigned OPLANS (Operation Plans). The Contractor shall submit a written quarterly assessment on readiness to include the following:

  • Unit readiness assessment by providing input for the quarterly apportionment tables. The Contractor shall review and analyze the command’s ability to support assigned OPLANS based on published Quarterly Apportionment Tables.

  • Unit readiness assessment by providing input for the internal forces risk report (IFRR). The Contractor shall analyze shortfalls and readiness to identify risks to OPLANs execution and provide recommendations to mitigate shortfalls.

Deliberate Planning and Planner Services.

The Contractor shall conduct military planning to enable commanders and staffs to make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and accomplish assigned missions.

The Contractors planning efforts shall include planner support at US Fleet Forces (USFF) and COMPACFLT planning conferences and internal NECCPAC planning conferences. The Contractor shall submit a conference report to summarize the purpose of the conference, and an executive summary of conference details, including agenda, action items and conference follow-up and plan-of-action/milestone assignments within five (5) business days after the planning conferences. The Contractors planning services include the below planning efforts:

  • Provide planner support on the development and changes of deliberate plans supporting potential major combat operations and contingency planning.

  • Conduct mission analysis, develop courses of action, conduct course of action comparison, develop the concept of operations, establish command relationships, conduct troop to task assessments, and identify logistics and sustainment requirements.

  • Provide support to Operational Planning Team (OPT) by arranging/scheduling meetings, preparing written presentations.

  • Identify questions for commands in order to validate requirements and identify gaps in plans.

  • Identify forces assigned to other commanders for Situational Awareness of all NECC forces.

  • Identify capabilities gaps and overlaps to de-conflict troop to task requirements from adjacent forces to maximize effectiveness.

Responsible to participate in naval expeditionary concept focused war games estimated at two (2) annually. The Contractor shall develop and refine naval expeditionary concepts based on lessons learned from naval expeditionary concept focused war games. The Contractor shall submit an executive summary with follow-up and plan-of-action/milestone within five (5) business days after war games conferences.

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